ITRI MCL HighlightTechnologies

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❏  Green Power Devices & Key Materials Research
1.  Magnetic Materials and Component Technology
2.  Long Endurance Fuel Cell Drone
3. Application Technology of Large Area Flexible Pressure Sensing Device & High-Sensitivity Piezoelectric Material Application Technology
❏  Advance Metallic & Composite Materials Research
4.  Thermal Management Materials and Module Application Technology
5.  Advanced Functional Coating and Application
6. A Regeneration Methods for High Coercivity Rare-Earth Permanent Magnet
7.  Functional Precision Metal Coating & Fine Structure Forming and Functional Coating
8.  High-Strength Lightweight Aluminum Alloys and Composites Technology & Aluminum Alloys for Warm Forming and Processing Technology  & Unidirectional Continuous Casting Crystal Growth Process Technology & High-Performance Copper Alloys and Continuous Casting Technology
9.  Special Alloy Powder Pilot Production / Validation Technology Platform & Thermal Processing Simulation Technology of Metal Materials
10.  Recycling and Application Technology of the Fiber Reinforced Composite & Carbon Nanotube Modified Vibration Damping Carbon Fiber Composites
11. Pulse Arc Deposition Technology
❏  Structural Integrity & Materials Reliability
12.  Composite Metal Foil & Primer for Low Temperature Lamination of LCP FCCL & Primer for Nodular Free Copper Foil & High Storage Modular PTFE Copper Clad Laminate
❏  Organic Opto-electronic Materials & Applications
13.  UV Tape and Temporary Bonding Adhesive
14.  De-bondable Optically Clear Adhesive & Electrochromic Materials and Electrochromic Devices (ECDs)  & IJP QD Device Testing Platform
15.  Recycling and Application of Waste Polarizers & PV Redesign for Recycling and Circularity
16.  Precision Coating Trial Mass Production Technology Accelerates the Industrialization of Innovative Materials
17.  Semiconductor Materials and Applications
Platform Technology for Advanced Materials
18.  Total Solutions of Material Characterization & Full-Scale Material Performance Testing and Analysis
19.  Material Multiscale Simulation and Platform Application Technology & Hybrid and Dispersion Technology Platform & Product Feature Analysis and Parameter Optimization Simulation Technology & Material Digital Design and Application Service Platform
20.  Electron Microscopy Development and Application
21.  Turnkey Solution of Coated Product & Features of Innovative Ultrafiltration Module
22.  Integrated Chemical Analysis and Application Service Platform
23.  Safe and Long-Lasting Antimicrobial Material Technology
Energy Storage Materials & Technology
24.  Materials and Battery Designs for Lithium Ion Battery and Sodium Ion Battery
25.  Design Technologies for Solid-State Battery
26.  Intelligent Battery System Design and Electromechanical Integration Technology for Electric Vehicles
27.  High Energy Density Battery Development-Functional Interface Layer Technology
28.  Lithium Battery Circular Economy & High Energy Density Lithium Metal Battery Interface Technology-ASEI & Verification Platform of Novel Sodium Ion Batteries
29.  Networked Amide Epoxy Polymer Electrolyte for Solid State Lithium-Ion Batteries, NAEPE
Polymer Research
30. Thermoplastic Polymer Structure Design and Functional Material Development Platform & Halogen-Free Polyphenylene Sulfide Resin (PPS)
31.  Twin-Screw Extrusion Simulation and Blending Assessment
32.  Polymer Physical Properties Manipulation Technique with Rheology Verification Platform & Plastic Stabilizer Selection and Verification Platform
33.  Functionalized Polymer and Processing Platform
34.  Profile Extrusion Technology of Engineering Plastic Solar Module Frame Applied in Coastal Field
Applied Chemistry
35.  Continuous Synthesis / Intermediate Materials Technology
36. Chemical Analysis and Purification Technology Platform
37.  Industrial Protection and Insulation Coatings & Pilot Platform for Industrial Protection and Insulation Coatings & Anti-Corrosion Paints for Galvanized Steel & Ion Exchange Resin and Membrane Material
38.  Development of Printing Ink and Key Materials
Advanced Precision Technology
39.  Intelligent Integration and Application Technology of High-Capacity Facilities
40. Measurement System of Millimeter Wave Material Dielectric Property
Chemical Engineering
41.  Bio-based Epoxy Resin Synthesis and Their Application Evaluations  & Functional Polyphenol Extraction Technology and Application Development & The Pretreatment Technique for the Polyester Fabric Recycling
42. Carbon Capture Technology & Highly Effective Automatic Microreactor System & Acid-Base Washing and Dust Removal via HiGee Technology & Thinner Reclaim System of LCD Panel Plant
43.  Green Methanol Production Technology & Specialty Polyolefin Materials and Catalyst
Advanced Electronic Packaging Materials
44.  Near-Infrared Activated Debonding Adhesive Technology & Low-Temperature Activated Carbonization for Reuse of Waste Photoresist
45.  Thermally Conductive Electrically Insulating Interface Materials & Single Phase Immersion Fluid & Stretchable Conductive Material & Die Attached Material & Atmospheric Sintering Copper Paste
46.  Compound Semiconductor: Low Loss Encapsulant for High Frequency Module & Low Temperature Degradable Epoxy Resin Material
47.  Precision Refractive Index Material Technology for Ultra-High Frequency Band Applications & mmWave Laminate Material and Evaluation Platform
Fiber & Textile Chemicals Technology
48.  Re Origin: Aqueous Dye Removal Technology for PET Textiles Recycling & Microbial Dyes Development and Applications of Textiles & Biosynthetic Chemicals
49.  The Technology of Photothermal Powder & Eco-Friendly Personal Care Ingredients & Product Development
Advanced Ceramic & Semiconductor Materials
50.  Artificial Intelligence for Materials R&D Laboratory
51.  High-Purity Inorganic Materials Processes Laboratory
52.  Low-Carbon Ceramic Materials and Process Laboratory
Water Technology Research
53.  Performance Identified Technology of Ion Exchange Membranes & Recovery to Acid and Alkaline Technology (R2A)
54.  Biological Desulfurization Technology & Integration Platform of Waste Recycling for Livestock Farm-Biogas Production and Power Generation Technologies
55.  Intelligent Modules and Technologies for Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants