2021 TIE 台灣創新技術博覽會─工研院材化所展示亮點技術

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全身步態分析系統 / 壓力感應地墊
ITRI Full-Body Strideway Analysis system tracks the gait and posture changes of the elderly to assist in the detection of sarcopenia. It screens the elderly for any possible loss of muscle mass that would cause weakness. Once an abnormal gait is found, the system can recommend customized orthotic interventions through a Physical Fitness Measurement System, or the subjects may by themselves correct their abnormal gait through exercise with professional fitness instructors.
ITRI FBSA mainly comprises two technologies: a pressure sensing floor mat and a body skeleton dynamic analysis system. Elderly subjects do not have to wear any devices, the system detects and measure their gait data, such as their feet pressure mappings, total pressure magnitude on each foot, walking speed, cadence, stride length, the trajectory of their center of pressure (CoP), and their postures. The system would correlate these measured data to the muscle activity of subject.