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Thermal Electric Power Generator

~ Custom-made to your specification ~

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Upon request, we can provide a custom-made thermal electric power generator (TEG) to meet your specific requirements.

Contact information The TE power module features:

  ♦ Maximum thermoelectric conversion efficiency ≅ 5%@ΔT= 200°C (Tc=30°C)
  ♦ Generated power density ≅ 0.5 W/cm2
  ♦ Degradation rate less than 1% after 3000 hrs service

Contact information Potential applications:

  ♦ Industry waste heat recovery (< 300°C)
  ♦ Geothermal heat recovery
  ♦ Automobile waste heat recovery
  ♦ Built-in power for wireless sensor
  ♦ Remote power source
  ♦ Hybrid PV+ TE generator (Solar thermal)

ITRI's thermoelectric power generator module with typical power efficiency data
ITRI's thermoelectric power generator module with typical power efficiency data

Contact information Core competence:

ITRI's TE team deep-rooted in new materials development has also established full spectrum capabilities of materials design, processing technologies, as well as characterization technics. For more than 10 years, ITRI has collaborated with world class institutes such as Ioffe, one of Russia's largest research institutions, and local steel plants to accumulate core competence from profound knowledge to hands-on experience of TE power generator.

We are able to prepare wide range of TE materials, including low temperature TE of Bi2Te3 (P-type (Bi,Sb)2Te3, N-type Bi2(Te,Se)3); middle temperature's PbTe, GeTe, TAGS; and high temperature’s half-heusler type (MNiSn, M=Zr, Hf, Ti).   In addition, we're also working on advanced low dimensional thermoelectric materials such as:

  ◊ Bi-Te based thermoelectric thin film (sputtering, electroplating)
  ◊ Synthesis of nanowire and nanoparticle
  ◊ Nanocomposites (Bi-Te based and Zn4Sb3 based)

In summary, the following is the list of our core competence;

Materials design:
  ◊ First Principle Calculation
  ◊ Electron/phonon simulation
  ◊ Materials & modules design
  ◊ Thermal design & simulation

Characterization technics:
  ◊ Thermoelectric properties
  ◊ TEC/TEG performance measurement
  ◊ Power factor measurement
  ◊ Hall effect measurement
  ◊ Z-meter
  ◊ Thermal conductivity measurement

  Materials design

Processing technologies:
  ◊ Zone melting process
  ◊ Melt spinning process
  ◊ Vacuum Hot Pressing
  ◊ Spark Plasma Sintering
  ◊ Metallization
  ◊ Leg cutting
     - Pick & place machine
     - Soldering process
     - Vacuum diffusion
     - Local induction heating

  Processing technologies
Zone melting set-up and TE bar of 24mmΦx 2500mmL

Upon years working on conventional Bi-Te based TE material, we have accumulated the experience on pilot production of zone-melting ingot with 24mmΦx 2500mmL in dimension and ZT values between 0.95~1.1. A high homogeneity property along the zone-melting bar, with a variation of power factor less than 5%, empowers our capability to a level of commercial production of TE power generation modules.

Contact information Success Cases:Industrial waste heat recovery by ITRI’s TE power generator

A 200W small scale system was installed in a local steel plant with the capacity of 1728 kWhr/year.   In addition to the power generation, the on-site working temperature was lowered by 20°C (from 50°C->30°C). A rough calculation gives an estimation of 95 G kcal/year waste reduction and 0.11 bWhr/year of power generation, which is corresponding to a 140k tons of CO2 reduction, and equally to 370 Taipei's Ta-An forest park.

TE power generator system was installed in a local steel making plant
TE power generator system was installed in a local steel making plant

Contact information Key Technologies, Facility and Services

Thermoelectric materials, TE Generator, Bi2Te3, Nanotechnology, Waste heat recovery, Steel making plant, CO2 emission reduction

Contact information Contact information

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