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Surface Modified Nano-diamond for

Lubricant Application

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Contact information If you are interested in the application of this technology, we will be delighted to discuss and exchange the concept based upon a complementary collaboration.

ITRI has successfully developed high performance lubricant to address the extreme demands for the operations under heavy-load and low speed conditions. The detrimental effect of tribological behavior can’t be overlooked due to its adverse increase to the maintenance and repairmen cost. ITRI is welcome any potential partners with mutual beneficial proposal either engaged in the distribution channel or manufacturing sector.

It’s reported that there are one third of energy loss due to useless friction, 80% damaged parts worn-out by wear and over half of the machine breakdown caused by inadequate lubrication. According to Professor Jost, the author of the Jost Report, an one-time investment on tribology study could have 20 times return per year by the cost reduction arising from solving the problems originated from friction, wear and bad lubrication. The additives in the lubricant can play the significant roles of friction reduction, anti-corrosion and heat dissipation, and hence increase the equipment life and mitigate the environmental pollution.

Contact information Features of the technology

The lubricant with small amount of nano-diamond additives manufactured by ITRI proprietary surface modification technology can meet the demand of ever increasing complication of nowadays machinery. Particularly in the heavier load and higher precision requirements, nano-diamond added lubricant can serve the purpose for low wear, low temperature and energy saving tribology effect. The following diagram illustrates the de-agglomeration of aggregated diamond into a single diamond crystalline particle.  

Nano-diamond surface modified technology 

Nano-diamond surface modified technology 
(aggregated state)
(single diamond
  • The functional group modified surface can enhance the de-aggregation effect to keep nano-diamond dispersed persistently in the lubricant oils, and spontaneously adhere to the metallic surface to form a protection layer. With the diamond intrinsic properties of anti-friction, low friction coefficient and endurance to high load and high temperature, nano-diamond can effectively reduce the energy loss by mechanical friction, lower the wear rate and abrasion damage
  • This is a green lubricant without heavy metals and other anti-wear additives  

Contact information The advantage of the products

Tribology testing results

(a).Friction coefficient

Tribology testing results

(b).Wear loss and life assessment

Wear track length (μm)
ASTM 2266

Life time (sec)
ASTM 3336

With nano-diamond

With nano-diamond

Reduce approximately 20%

Increase approximately 70%

Contact information BenefitsG

  • Increasing the wear resistance
  • Reducing the wear rate and friction coefficient by more than 15%
  • Extending the service life of lubricant oils by more than 25%
  • The following graph shows the addition of nano-diamond can delay the abrupt temperature-rise by 70% of the original life-time


Contact information Suggested applications

The lubricant oils and additives can be used in various applications such as dynamic machinery, machining equipment and mechanical parts, or other occasions in needs of effective lubrication.

Contact information Resulted benefits

(a).Auto engine: 

(b).Speed reducer motor:
(c).Bolt heading:
gas saving
surface/core temperature
lowered by10~20J
core-rod replacement number
reduced by10~40%
Auto engine
Speed reducer motor
Bolt heading

Contact information Notes for using our products

  • During regular maintenance of oil change, adding our product to the lubricant oil by a ratio of 5%, e.g. by adding 200ml into 3~4 liter lubricant oil
  • Avoid messing up with water and impurities
  • Be cleaning the engine thoroughly to maximize the effect, i.e. to remove heavy carbon deposit, paint film, oil sludge, gelatinous layer, etc. before application

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