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~ High efficiency,high brightness orange-yellow phosphorescent emitter ~

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Contact information MCL's proprietary orange emitter material for OLED white lighting

 Formula  C31H23IrN2O2S2
 Molecular Weight  712.08 g/mole
 Thermal Gravimetric Analysis  395℃
 Absorption  444nm(in CH2CI2)
 Photoluminescence  555nm(in CH2CI2)
Inset 1. The structure of MCL's orange-yellow emitter material PO-01 and its properties
  With more than 10 years experience, MCL has developed an orange-yellow phosphorescent emitter material with very high efficiency and high brightness. As disclosed in two patents, TW patent(I242999) and US patent(7445857), the PO-01 is an organic Iridium complex compound material, (Iridium(III)bis(4-phenylthieno[3,2-c]pyridinato-N,C2’) acetylacetonate) with a formula of C31H23IrN2O2S2.  This high efficiency yellow phosphorescent was designed as a dopant material for a hole-transport host, e.g. CBP (4,4’-bis(N-carbazolyl)-1,1’-biphenyl).
Driving Voltage (V)
Current Efficiency (Cd/A)
Power Efficacy (lm/W)
CIE (x, y)
(0.50, 0.50)
λ (nm)
Inset 2. The summary of the device performance by using MCL’s emitter material PO-01

  The PO-01 has been studied in a device with following configuration by using conventional hole transport, electron transport, host and blocking materials: NPB(40nm)/PO-01(8%):CBP(30nm)/BCP(10nm)/Alq3(20nm)/ LiF(0.5nm)/Al(100nm).    The device performance was summarized in Inset 2, which is comparable to a world leading commercial yellow dopant of a 62.0 cd/A current efficiency.    In addition to superior current efficiency and power efficacy of 64.8 Cd/A and 55.8 lm/W, respectively, PO-01 is also endowed with a high thermal stability of Td = 395℃.    The data shown in following figures demonstrate PO-01 as an excellent emitter material characterized with high brightness and current efficiency, high color stability, and external quantum efficiency from 12.6% - 16.7%.    Based on this material, because of its lower driving voltage, a device with a low power consumption feature can be easily engineered.


  Among other OLED materials under development, a device scheme with LiF/Al/ETL/HBL/Materix:PO-01/EBL/HTL/ITO layout, even better performance data was observed with CE=76.7 cd/A, PE=84.4 lm/W, EQE=19.3%.    MCL is keen to collaborate with organizations developing device applications based on our PO-01 emitter material.   If you’re interested in our product, please send us your contact information and we will be happy to discuss with you about our offers.

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OLED, electroluminescence material, EL, yellow-orange emitter material, dopant, high brightness, high efficiency, high power efficiency

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