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UV-Visible Nano Photocatalyst

~ A photocatalyst powered by composite nano-structured particles ~

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A powerful nano-photocatalyst which can perform even under an LED light, has been developed by MCL's research team. The composite structure consists of a metallic core and TiO2 shell is proved to be an excellent photocatalyst both indoor and outdoor applications. This new photo-catalyst can be used in the applications of pet deodorization, formaldehyde absorbent/decomposer, toilet deodorization, and others such as self-cleaning and germproof under certain circumstances. In the graph, we can see it's effective in whole visible light spectrum from 400 to 800nm.

Figure 1: composite shell nano-structure

Success cases with our photocatalyst for different purposes were applied in a couple of construction projects, which are Congressional leader office, Hsin-chu SS construction project, Kaohsiung green building project, a pet accessory manufacturing building, CPC building in Taipei and Changhua Telecom headquarter in Taipei. Accelerated aging test have been performed for the anti-acidic, anti-basic and salt fog tests, which abide by the standard codes of CNS10757-K6801 and ASTM B117. The testing results shown in the following graphs, suggest that our photo-catalyst is suitable for a new furnished building by quickly reducing the formaldehyde content in the air.


Figure 2: Formaldehyde decomposition test results

The traditional photo-catalyst can work only under sunshine or a UV lighting condition as illustrated in the graph below. MCL's patented concept creates a new horizon of photo-catalyst with metal-anatase composite nano-particle, which is even effective in cloudy day and under visible light. This also expands its potential as an anti-germ spray.
Comparing to other commercial photo-catalyst products, the major features of our high performance photo-catalyst are summarized as follows:
● Multifunctional
   ○Eliminate formaldehyde, NOx, deodorize indoor air
   ○Easy Cleaning
● Activated by both UV and visible lights, ideal for indoor applications
● Antimicrobial function active even in darkness, providing 24 hours protection
● Ease of application-Spray applied from aqueous solution, substrate temperature up to
● Superior film forming property with excellent clarity and adhesion to substrate
● Long service life, >3 years for room temperature applied film (>3H hardness). Permanently
   bonded to ceramic substrates when applied at higher temperature.

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