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A High-touch Mouse Pad

~ With Thermal-sprayed Ceramics Surface ~

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This novel mouse pad is featured with easy clean, robust mechanical properties, excellent flat surface, high temperature resistance, and smooth control of mouse movement. Current available mouse pad is measured 270x200x5mm with a tempered glass substrate. Custom made mouse pad is also available to meet your particular requests, e.g. laser engraved pattern and special dimension, with additional charge under a special order/contract.

The thermal spray technologies developed by MCL’s precision coating team has been used for aerospace components such as thermal barrier coating for engine blade, high temperature abrasive resistance coating for steel roller, as well as decorative coating on handcraft glass souvenir, and many others. The technology is able to apply an excellent adhesive coating on various surfaces with ceramics, metallic and even composite materials. The surface will be modified and hence provides superior physical and chemical properties of, for example abrasive resistance, corrosion resistance, lubrication, heat resistance, insulation, dielectrics, among others.

ITRI's novel mouse pad with ceramics coating
The third generation mouse pad

One of the potential applications is for professional game player because of the robust performance precisely controlled by users. The third generation, in addition to its robust properties as mentioned above, the high touch appearance is extremely eye-catching. The dark color mixed with warm feeling, sturdy powdered surface guides the mouse movement precisely and swiftly, all these meet the strictly requirement by a serious computer game player.

Upon your request, we can provide either regular products, or a custom mad high touch mouse pad engraved with your proprietary logo.

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