MCL Technology Showcase
Surface Modified Nano-diamond for Lubricant Application
TE Generator
Mouse Pad
Ceramics Knives
Carbon Nanotube Technologies
Precision Coating Service
MMC Substrate
Easy Clean
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MCL with eight hundred some dedicated researchers has endeavored to develop leading edge materials in the fields of energy, life science, electronics, display, etc.. Our goal is focused on the development of material enabled technology for breakthrough for industrial applications. We have been successfully collaborating with world leading institutes and companies, and are keen to build up relationship with international partners.

MCL has established different collaboration models with world leading research institutes and enterprises. In addition to technology collaboration, MCL can also provide you leading edge material samples for your innovative research needs. We are eager to build up partnership by tuning the material properties to meet your special requirements. If you want to know more about MCL's specialty

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Contact information
Contact information

Contact us: Ms. Maria Wu / Manager   Tel: +886-3-5916827   Email: