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Services for Precision Coating Processes

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Contact information Our Expertise
ITRIs top-notch precision coating facility is ready to convert your coating material into valuable products applied in PCB, Electronic Packaging, Flat Panel Display, and Flexible Electronics industries. With over 30 successful cases with various industrial partners, we offer an agile and flexible Open Innovation System Platform (OISP) based on your custom needs. Upon request, we also provide services for new product development, new materials evaluation and process design. Through our networking capabilities, you can also connect to the leading industrial customers in the world.

The precision coating team consists of several elite Ph.D. and masters engineers and technicians with more than 20 years hands-on experience. Our know-how on coating and drying technologies, fluid mechanics, coating head simulation, quality control and measurement, coating and drying defects analysis, and such has accumulated unique competences including:
E Slot Die Design (Single layer, Dual layer, Triple layer)
E Flow Field Analysis
E Coating Material and Process Interface Studies
E Drying Process Simulation/Analysis
E Simultaneous Dual Layer Coating
E Defect Analysis for Coating and Drying Processes

Roll-to-roll Pilot Coater
E Clean Room: Class 10,000
E Roll Width: 450 mm
E Coating Width: Max. 400 mm
E Coating Speed: 0.5-20 m/min
E Cassette Coating Unit (Changeable)
   - Slot Die Coater
   - Comma Coater
   - Micro-Gravure Coater
E Corona Treatment
E Plastic Film Rubbing
E Thermal Drying/UV Curing
   - 6 m Dryer in Total Length (3 m/zone)
   - Air Floating Type
   - Temperature: < 160 J
   - Fusion UV Curing System (120 W/cm)
E On-Line Thermal Lamination (50~180 J)

Roll-to-roll Pilot Coater Equipment

Roll-to-roll Pilot Coater Equipment

Contact information Patch Coater
E Clean Room: Class 1,000
E Coating for Rigid Substrates such as Glass and PMMA
E Max. Sheet Size: 370 x 470 mm
E Thermal Drying / UV Curing
   - Hot Air Oven
   - Vacuum Oven
   - Fusion UV Curing System

Patch Coater Flow

Patch Coater Flow

Contact information Characterization Capabilities
E Coating Thickness Gauge; Rheometer; Surface Tensiometer; SEM
E Haze Meter; Pencil Hardness Tester; Colorimeter

Contact information Contact information

Contact us: Ms. Maria Wu / Manager   Tel: +886-3-5916827   Email: