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The Advanced Ceramics Knives

~ The products and technology services ~

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The professional chefs and home cookers using ceramic kitchen knives have been experienced superior advantages over other professional cutlery. Our advanced ceramics knives were made by the technologies developed by ITRI’s advanced ceramic materials R&D team. For more than 20 years accumulated technologies for ceramic materials processing, the team has successfully transferred commercial product technologies to many local companies. The ceramic knife was one of the commercialized technologies, which is made from zirconia powder based on our proprietary processes.

Comparing to other professional cutlery, the ceramic blades retain its sharpness even over ten times longer than high carbon steel knife. It’s the favorite tool of professional chefs because of many superior properties. The ceramic knives are featured with high strength, high hardness, razor sharp edge, abrasive resistance, corrosion resistance and many other superior properties.
(zirconia powder:

Contact information ITRI’s Advanced Ceramics Knife Products

♦ Features:
    ◊ Excellent for slicing bondless meats, fruits, bread and vegetables
    ◊ Retain blade sharpness much longer than other kitchen cutlery
    ◊ Won’t transfer unpleasant taste or smell to the foods
    ◊ Resistance to rust, corrosion and stain
    ◊ Light-weight and easy-clean with ergonomic design

♦ Lifetime refurbishment service on your shipment cost and insurance, if any:
   ◾Under following condition are not recommended for refurbishment:
      ◊ Over 3mm crack on the blade edge
      ◊ Over 10mm broken on the blade point
      ◊ Any Crack on the knife body
   ◾Blade edge could be sharpened

Minimum order: ten sets in total with any combination of chef knives
Please contact us and we will process your request as soon as possible.


Chef knife

Blade: Ceramics
Handle: PP
Edge size: 12cm
Weight: 55 gram
Operating temperature: < 110J
Made in Taiwan
Best suited for preparing foods:
sashimi, meat, salad, fruit plate, and other fresh foods served cold.

Ceramics Knives  

Chinese chef knife

Blade: Ceramics
Handle: PP
Edge size: 15cm
Weight: 165 gram
Operating temperature: < 110J
Made in Taiwan
Best suited for preparing foods:
sashimi, meat, salad, fruit plate, and other fresh foods served cold.




Peeler knife

Blade: Ceramics
Handle: PP
Edge size: 4cm
Weight: 23 gram
Operating temperature: < 110J
Made in Taiwan
Best suited for preparing foods:
Thick-skin vegetables, e.g. zucchini, Chinese squash, sweet potato, etc.

♦ Caution for use:
    ◊ Very sharp edge, please use with care and kept from the reach of children
    ◊ Brittle blade will be easily broken after rigorous impact and dropping to the ground
    ◊ Use wooden or plastic cutting board, the blade edge might crack when hitting the hard
    ◊ Wash directly with water, when the blade edge might become yellowish after cutting
       deep-colored vegetables, use kitchen breaching to wash
    ◊ Don't use it as a chopper to cut hard foods, only use to prepare the boneless meat,
       de-frozen foods, etc.
    ◊ Don’t knock the blade on the cutting board or table to clean up residue food debris.

Contact information We Offer Technology Licensing and Services
ITRI R&D has been working on fine ceramics technologies and developing products utilizing its structural and functional advantages. Recently, we are also engaged in the research of high purity and super-fine powders, such as metal carbide, nitride, boride and oxide, including fine powder treatment, sintering and final finishing processes.

We will be delighted to offer the following technologies consultation, licensing and know-how transfer contracts upon request.
♦ Structural ceramics processing technologies
    ◊ Ceramic powder spray drying technology
    ◊ Ceramics forming technologies: Powder injection molding, Compression molding and Slurry
       injection molding
    ◊ High temperature sintering technology
    ◊ Ceramics machining and finishing technologies
♦ Semiconductor ceramics component processing technology
♦ The composition design and fabrication for 3-6 inch target
♦ Ceramic substrate processing technology: LTCC, MLCC, etc.

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